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Rockfon CleanSpace Pro

CleanSpace Pro

  • Rockfon CleanSpace Pro is a cleanable ceiling tile with good acoustic properties. Applicable in various practical and industrial room types with cleanability requirements. The product is long-lasting and withstands numerous cleaning and disinfection methods
  • Full range of formats in semi-concealed and visible grid options
  • High sound absorption (Class A) and highest fire safety (Class A1)
  • Low particle emission: ISO Class 4
  • Rockfon CleanSpace Pro is HACCP verified ensuring safe application in food- and beverage industry
  • Rockfon CleanSpace Pro has an anti-static surface that withstands exposure to dust and enhances the product lifetime

Product Description
– Stone wool tile
– Visible side: micro-textured white painted, water repellent fleece
– Rear side: back fleece
– Sealed edges

Application Areas
– Healthcare
– Education
– Retail
– Leisure
– Industry

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