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A Sound Design

Acoustic Modular Ceilings

Stone wool ceiling products are one part of effective, architectural ceiling systems. In addition to operating as a manufacturer of North American ceiling tiles, we also provide metal ceiling panels and Chicago Metallic® ceiling suspension systems.

Stone wool is a hydrophobic material, meaning it does not absorb water and does it not hold moisture. This makes stone wool ceiling panels not only humidity-resistant but also sag-resistant. They remain dimensionally stable even up to 100 per cent relative humidity (RH) and in temperatures ranging from 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 40 degrees Celsius).

Class A Fire Rating – Many commercial applications require a Flame Spread Index of 25 or less and a Smoke Developed Index of 50 or less. Products that fulfil these requirements are labelled with a Fire Hazard Classification 25/50 (FHC 25/50) or a “Class A” rating. The Class A rating is designated for products per ASTM E1264 “Standard Classification for Acoustical Ceiling Products.”

Rockfon Products

Suspended Modular Ceiling

Hygenic and Colored Suspended Ceiling

Mono Seemless Acoustic Ceiling

VertiQ Wall Absorbers

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