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Emseal is a well-known manufacturer of building expansion joints and sealants. They specialize in providing innovative and high-quality solutions for accommodating movement in buildings due to factors such as thermal expansion, seismic activity, wind loads, and other environmental factors.

Emseal’s product range includes a variety of expansion joint systems and sealants designed for different applications, including:

  1. Expansion Joint Systems: Emseal offers a range of expansion joint systems that are specifically designed to handle both small and large joint movements in buildings. These systems are engineered to provide watertight, airtight, and durable solutions for various types of joints, including floor-to-wall joints, wall-to-wall joints, roof joints, and more.
  1. Sealants: Emseal manufactures a wide range of sealants that are used in conjunction with their expansion joint systems or as standalone products. These sealants are formulated to provide exceptional adhesion, flexibility, and durability, ensuring long-lasting protection against water infiltration, air leakage, and sound transmission.
  1. Fire-Rated Solutions: Emseal offers fire-rated expansion joint systems and sealants that comply with stringent fire safety regulations. These systems are designed to provide both movement capability and fire resistance, ensuring that the integrity of fire-rated assemblies is maintained while accommodating building movement.
  1. Speciality Solutions: Emseal also provides speciality solutions for specific applications and requirements. These may include seismic joint systems, airport runway expansion joints, stadium and arena expansion joints, bridge and highway expansion joints, and other specialized applications.

Emseal’s products are widely used in various construction projects, including commercial buildings, airports, stadiums, bridges, parking structures, and more.

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