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  • With its unique and patented open shape, the Barrisol® Clim® can transfer air either by blowing or by suction between the plenum space and the rest of the room.
  • Thanks to the consistent wall temperatures, the natural air flow and the large heat-exchanging surface of the ceiling, Barrisol® Clim® provides unparalleled comfort whether heating or cooling your home.
  • Occupants are surrounded by a gentle sensation of warmth or coolness. There is no noise and no air disturbance.
  • The ceiling works to radiate the heat or coolness extremely quickly. You’ll feel a notable change in temperature within minutes.
  • Barrisol® Clim® evens out the temperature of both your walls and the air, wherever you are in the room.
  • The Biosourcée® fabrics used for Barrisol® Clim® contain in their composition a plasticizer of vegetable origin based on cereals.
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